Sunday, January 13, 2008

giuliana bruno

so yesterday i came upon this book called "public intimacy" BY GIULIANA BRUNO, WHO TEACHES @ harvard and it is published by MIT press. she is a film theorist and her work is about similarities and dissimilarities of architecture and film, kind of like rem koolhaas and bernhard tschumi with "delirious manhattan" and the "manhattan transcripts", except for that she comes from film and they come from architecture. So, when i eventually get into grad school (like in 5000 years from now) i might look more deeply into this, because my letter of intent 4 grad school states clearly that my researchobjective will be animation and architecture, similarities and dissimilarities. when i googled these terms , i guess in google scholar, i came upon someone at the royal college of art, whose thesis deals exactly with that. i have to somehow retrieve the short i did for the "maquettes" course, though i have no idea whatsoever where i put it and maybe dub it on a dvd or a cd and go fromthere. this is all like charting uncharted territory. am kind of pissed off, that i didnt tqake courses this semesterm so i am kind of freeflowing and moving without structure, which i hate, there is no clear path to follow and everything wobbles into each other. the subject is much too broad, which means it has to be disected into much more manageable small pieces. well, at least, i will concentrate on this very preliminary computer course what with rehaching very prosaic tasks like filemanagement etc. first things first. this blog is becoming too convoluted, i use it like a sketchbook filled with halfass ideas.

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